Mind/Body & Pilates

Enjoy a variety of virtual class online including Barre – a Pilates based workout designed to shape and tone postural muscles while building core strength; Mat Pilates where you can take your mind and body to the next level with the most comprehensive core workout you have ever experienced and Yoga classes designed to assist you in improving your flexibility, balance & muscular endurance through a series of yoga postures and flows.

Mat Pilates HIIT – 4/6 with Bonnie

Yoga Calm – 4/4 with Brenda

Yoga for Strength – 4/3 with Bonnie

Barre/Core Fusion – 4/1 with Bonnie

Return to Life Mat Class – 3/31 with Bonnie

Barre Class with Upper Body Emphasis – 3/30 with Bonnie

All Levels Yoga Flow – 3/27 with Bonnie

Yoga Basic – 3/26 with Brenda

Barre – 3/25 with Bonnie

Mat Pilates HIIT – 3/24 with Bonnie

Mat Pilates – 3/23 with Bonnie

Additional Barre, Yoga and Mat Pilates Classes on Facebook – with Bonnie


Join these virtual classes to get your heart pumping. Take each class to your own level. Make sure you have a glass of water available, but no additional equipment needed.

Athletic Edge Running Interval Training – 4/7 with Brenda

Cardio Kickboxing – 3/27 with Kendra

HIIT  – 3/26 with Dixie and Janet

Cardio Kickboxing – 3/26 with Kendra

Specialty Classes

These are special times and we have some virtual classes you and your family members may enjoy.

Core: No Props – 4/7 with Brenda

Family Dice Game Workout – 4/2 with Levi & Liam

Tapping for Stress & Uncertainty – 3/26 with Sandy

Kids Workout done by Kids – 3/26 with Levi & Liam

Family Workout Yoga, cardio, stretching and fun!- 3/20 with Bonnie and her boys, Levi & Liam


There are many strength building exercises you can do using only body weight when you can’t come to the Rec Center. Try squats and lunges on one leg to build quad strength and improve balance. Add push ups, dips and planks to your daily routine – maybe some bear crawls and burpees too! Check back soon for some virtual strength building workouts.

Lower Body Burn (Metabolic Strength) – 4/6 with Dixie and Janet

Upper Body Burn – 3/30 with Dixie and Janet