Personal Training: This is a one-on-one or one-on-two workout with our certified exercise physiologists. The specialist will provide you professional “workout coaching,” motivation, accountability, and instruction tailored to your personal fitness needs and goals. Appointments available in 30 or 60 minute increments. By appointment only, for a fee. Please see a Front Desk representative for more information. Learn more about the Personal Fitness program…

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Functional Movement Screening™:  FMS is a screening tool that is used to evaluate seven fundamental movement patterns that are key to daily life. It identifies functional deficits related to mobility & stability limitations to determine if movement patterns are optimal, acceptable or dysfunctional.

After the assessment, an Exercise Physiologist will be able to identify and rate movement limitations & asymmetries and corrective exercises will be assigned. 

After going through this process, you’ll be on your way to moving better, reducing your risk of injury & avoiding future complications due to a consistent dysfunctional movement pattern!

 Check with the Front Desk for pricing information and to schedule your FMS screening today.

All fitness services require appointments. Please stop by the Front Desk or speak with your Exercise Physiologist to make an appointment.

Personal Fitness Programming: Not sure how to use the weight machines or need some direction on where to begin? Our certified exercise physiologists will put together a fitness program to fit your needs. By appointment only, no fee.

Body Composition: Tests your lean muscle mass to body fat mass by using a bio-electrical impedance scale, skinfold and/or circumference (tape) measurements. By appointment only, no fee for members.

Fitness Assessment: When starting your personal fitness program it is always good to know where to begin. The assessment is a great place to start. The test assesses cardiopulmonary work capacity, musculoskeletal strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition. Our exercise physiologist will use those results to create a customized program just for you! By appointment only, no fee for members.

Exercise Prescription: Meet with a exercise physiologist to discuss your fitness assessment results and discover where your strengths and weaknesses are and be on your way to achieve those personal goals! By appointment only, no fee for members.

Non members are welcome to come in for assessments. There are several options and include the following:

  • Tanita body fat fee = $10 plus tax
  • Skinfold body fat fee = $20 plus tax
  • Full fitness assessment = $50 plus tax
Please call the Front Desk at 319-295-2552 to schedule an appointment with one of our Exercise Physiologists.

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