Personal Training with a Fitness Specialist provides you with professional “workout” coaching and instruction tailored to your own fitness needs and goals. It is used for general fitness; strength training; cardiovascular fitness; body building; sport specific training; pre-hab (injury prevention) and post-rehab conditioning.

Personal Training provides:

  • One-on-one workout coaching with a fitness professional
  • Increased motivation and accountability to help clients reach their peak fitness potential
  • Time efficient workouts for those with busy schedules
  • An effective way to manage weight
  • Variety to keep your mind and body from burning out and your body form adapting and hitting a plateau
The Collins Aerospace Rec Center Fitness Team is highly educated and experienced in physical fitness. All instructors hold a Bachelor’s Degree in a health/fitness field. All Personal Trainers have current personal training certifications.
  • Sessions are 60 or 30 minutes. Please don’t be late and come dressed and ready to train at the time you are scheduled.
  • Sessions expire after three consecutive calendar months.
  • Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance or the session will be forfeited.
  • Emergencies will be rescheduled at the trainer’s discretion.
  • Refund will be issued for unavoidable circumstance such as medical or relocations.


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Personal Training 

Single Client 60-Minute Sessions

•  One Session: $44

•  Five Session Package: $210

•  Ten Session Package: $390

•  Fifteen Session Package: $540

•  Fifty Session Package: $1750

Single Client 30-minute Sessions

•  One Session: $27

•  Five Session Package: $125

•  Ten Session Package: $230

•  Fifteen Session Package: $315

•  Fifty Session Package: $1000


Group Training

Group 60-minute Sessions (3-5 clients with similar goals/needs)

•  One Session: $79

•  Five Session Package: $353

•  Ten Session Package: $652

•  Fifteen Session Package: $896

•  Fifty Session Package: $2900

Group 30-minute Sessions (3-5 clients with similar goals/needs)

•  One Session: $38

•  Five Session Package: $180

•  Ten Session Package: $342

•  Fifteen Session Package: $485

•  Fifty Session Package: $1570

Buddy Training 

Buddy 60-minute Sessions (Two clients with similar goals/needs)

•  One Session: $59

•  Five Session Package: $265

•  Ten Session Package: $490

•  Fifteen Session Package: $675

•  Fifty Session Package: $2200

Buddy 30-minute Sessions (Two clients with similar goals/needs)

•  One Session: $32

•  Five Session Package: $150

•  Ten Session Package: $280

•  Fifteen Session Package: $390

•  Fifty Session Package: $1250

Personal Trainers


Hobbies include coaching his kids in football, baseball and basketball. “Find something to motivate you to keep moving and keep active”. Click here to read Jeff’s bio.


Pilates Program Manager, Balanced Body Pilates and Barre Master Instructor. To keep people moving to the best of their ability for as long as they can is her ultimate goal. Read more about Bonnie here.


Hobbies include balancing family and leading an active and healthy life. Enjoys playing volleyball competitively and recreational. Click here to read more.


Group Fitness Manager. Hobbies include hiking, biking and doing anything active outside. Also enjoys listening to live music! Click here to read Riley’s bio.


Hobbies include hunting, fishing, and the outdoors. Enjoys working with anyone dedicated to improving their fitness level. Click here to read more.

Chris S.

Hobbies include working out and boating. Enjoys a mix of cardio and weight training and does Adventure Races, the longest being an 18 hour race. Click here to read more about Chris.


Things that bring joy to Brenda: yoga, biking, running, swimming outdoors, relaxing by the Caribbean, hiking, reading, travel and her family. “Feel Good! Love your Life!” Click here to read more about Brenda.


Robin balances her life between part time fitness training at the Rec Center and at home managing life with two kids. Her family enjoys being outdoors, sporting events and dance classes. Click here to read Robin’s bio.


Hobbies include Pilates, cooking, drawing manga in Japanese, and walking her Siberian husky with my husband. Teaches group fitness classes such as SilverSneakers, Zumba, Basecamp and Yoga. Click here to read more.


Hobbies include running, biking, scuba diving and hanging out with her kids. She believes everyone has a purpose in life and that negative ways can hold us back from reaching that purpose. Click here to read more.


Hobbies include biking, ceramics, and horseback riding. “Commit to taking care of your health every day, in every way”. Click here to read more.


Hobbies include any outdoor activities, sports and anything that involves my dogs. Some of her favorite sports to watch and play are volleyball, hockey and golf. Click here to read more about Ashley.

Chris G.

Training philosophy is more of a coach than one on one personal training.  Available for comprehensive coaching for the whole body, with emphasis on nutrition and strength training. Click here to read more.


Hobbies include anything outdoors – mountain & road biking, swimming, hiking & gardening. Enjoys setting goals to be competitive in bike races and powerlifting meets. Click here to read more.


As a fitness professional, her goal is to have the most positive impact on the lives of my clients, helping them get lasting results.  Click here to read Laura’s bio.


As a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Coach with over 8 years of experience, Doris will motivate you to CHALLENGE YOURSELF to become the BEST version of YOU!! Click here to read more about Doris.


Hobbies include outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and long walks. He asks three things of clients: show up, put in the work & be consistent. Progress will then happen! Click here to read more.

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