Looking forward to 2021 with high expectations? Start off 2021 ensuring your body is ready to make it a great year! Investing in your health and gaining knowledge about your body’s strengths and weaknesses is a wise decision.  Rec Center Physical Therapy is offering an Annual Physical Therapy Exam. We liken this exam to a yearly physical with your doctor, but with a more in-depth focus on orthopedics and movement.

Faulty movements and poor body mechanics can lead to future joint wear or tendon problems among many other orthopedic complications. Knowledge is power when you know where your weaknesses lie and what you can do to improve and limit future injury.

RCPT Annual Physical Therapy Exam

  • 2 Physical Therapy visits
    • Evaluation and review of findings
    • Exercise prescription/recommendations
  • The cost is $175
Call the Rec Center Physical Therapy clinic at (319) 295-8899, to schedule your Annual Physical Therapy Exam today.
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