Rave reviews came in as the annual session of Women on Weights 2.0 came to a finish. Trainers, Joe Enabnit and Dixie Peters provided coaching as well as specific strength training regimens and HITT workouts.  Intern, Madison Webber joined in and assisted when needed. This year nearly all of the participants had almost perfect attendance! These women were definitely consistent, trained hard, and had fun! Everyone worked well together, helping each other as needed. Participants included, Jennifer Clark, Lisa Walton, Jacy Buck, Dana McKee, Brittany Viken, Erica Voyek, Adrianna Tuohino, Mallory Dudley, Nancy Novotny, Trina Dunham, and Michelle Breffle. Joe and Dixie enjoyed working with a great group of ladies this year.

“I so appreciated the support in this program. I’ve never felt comfortable in a gym. I definitely feel more comfortable now! Trainers, Joe and Dixie never made me feel bad, but empowered me. I appreciate that very much!”

“I really enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere and no one ever made me feel stupid for asking questions. I have a great time and I have found strength training to be something I really enjoy doing now. Thanks!”

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