There are several exciting changes coming to the Group Fitness Class Schedules in September. Please pay attention to signs posted and pick up a Class Schedule which are now available.

In the Fitness Classroom:

Class changes include:

  • NO Insanity – Monday, 4:30pm
  • Piyo – Monday, 4:30pm (New class time)
  • Bodypump EXP – Thursday, 11:30am (Class added)
  • Bodypump – Thursday, 4:30pm Class added)
  • MuscleWorks – Friday, 11:30am now at 9:20am in the High Court
  • Yoga – Friday, 10:30am (Start time change)

Classes moving to the High Court:

  • MuscleWorks – Monday & Wednesday, 9:20am
  • MuscleWorks – Saturday, 8:30am (start time change)

In the High Court: 

Class changes include:

  • NO Step – Tuesday, 12:20pm
  • Step – Friday, 10:30-11:15am (New class time)
  • RC NOW – Saturday, 7:30am (Start time change)

Classes moving to the Fitness Classroom include:

  • ALL Zumba Gold – 9:00am (Start time change)
  • Hula Hoop – 10:00am
  • Step – Saturday, 7:45am (Start time change)
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