The new Technogym strength training machines and two stretch stations are up and running at the Rec Center. Many members will enjoy and benefit from this new line of equipment.
  • Technogym weight training machines have been used by professional trainers all over the world to give their clients the best workout available, allowing the greatest level of improvement in the shortest possible time.
  • These products have been engineered to be as simple and comfortable to use as possible, while still giving the benefits of having a thorough workout.
  • Members can to record their Technogym workouts on their smart phone devices. To track workouts on a smart phone, you must first download the MyWellness app.
  • Unique features of this equipment will help train members to slow down their repetitions and enable members to record their TechnoGym workouts on their smart phone devices.

Fitness staff members have been blocked off for 30 minute appointments for “Floor Time.” During this time they can help members learn about the new equipment. If you would like instruction on how to use the Technogym equipment, please stop at the Rec Center front desk and schedule an appointment with a fitness staff member.

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