You might be familiar with flavored and over-sugared Jello gelatin as a childhood snack or holiday dessert loaded with fruit cocktail and marshmallows. But did you know that traditional gelatin is a healthful, protein and mineral rich food? Animal bones, cartilage and skin are boiled to form collagen. The collagen is then processed to form a flavorless, colorless substance called gelatin that is rich in amino acids and minerals.
Gelatin can be added to broths, soups, stews, smoothies and treats such as gummies and marshmallows as a thickener. Some of the possible benefits of gelatin in the diet are increased protein, healthier skin, less joint pain, improved digestion, an aid in weight loss, improved bone health and improved sleep quality.
Unflavored gelatin can be purchased as a supplement and used in recipes. Some popular beef gelatin brands include Vital Proteins, Amandean and Great Lakes which you can find online, or shop for locally. If you do not tolerate dairy-based protein powders, gelatin supplements can be an option for increasing protein. Flyers are available near the Nutrition Board of the Information Center with recipes for delicious and health boosting gelatin snacks.
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