Registration is now open for Sports Torts Football. The session will run from October 20-November 17. Classes will be held on Fridays at 11:30am and 12:15pm for children ages three to five years old.
Little Sports Torts will be the new face of Little Sports. Each Sports Torts Program has a Tortoise with a sports ball shell representing the program the children are enrolled in.

New to the program:
Little Sports Torts t-Shirts – Every child enrolled in a Little Sports Torts program will receive a t-shirt in their first program. T-shirts are designed with a logo that the kids can color.

Little Sports Torts Skills Cards – These cards will be taken home so the kids can continue to work on the skills at home and show off to the parents what they’ve learned. They will also serve as an additional communication piece so parents know how their child behaved.

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