Women on Weights 2.0 participants met twice per week for 6 weeks through out January & February. WOW 2.0 provided a comprehensive and thorough base of information for participants on a variety of topics including, Knowing Your Goals, Your Personalized Training Program, Exercise & Energy Usage, & Intensity Techniques in the Weight Room. Each week, instructors led the group with specific workouts to practice allowing the women to become more mindful of the “what”, “when” and “why” of their exercise regimens. 

Participants shared some feedback following their participation. Here is a sample of what they shared:

“This was my 2nd year doing Women on Weights 2.0. It’s given me a solid foundation in strength training. The female group dynamic and guidance from legitimate training professionals who love to lift is great. If you have any type of fitness goal, ‘lifting like you mean it’, the motto of the group will support it…even doing a headstand in yoga.”   ~Alicia

“Thank you so much for all the time and care you took in planning this last 6-week session of Women on Weights 2.0.  I feel like I can walk into any weight room and confidently work out.  The free weight area has always been intimidating to me.  I knew that as I approached 50, the weight room is where I would build good lean muscle, help my posture and flexibility.  I know now that I can lift heavy, work up a heavy sweat and even grunt when needed!  With everything I have learned from WOW, I feel like I could inspire other women who may also share that fear of free weights.”   ~Julie

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