Effective September 1, 2016 our trial period will have concluded and we will officially add the 24/7 service to your membership privileges. The Rec Center will be the largest facility in this area that has 24/7 access and will be staffed the around the clock!
Due to member feedback about the 24/7 service, we have changed a few of the stipulations.
1) We are allowing children ages 7-17 to use the Rec Center during the extended hours on FridaySaturday and Sunday nights until 10:00pm as long as they are accompanied by a parent at all times.
 2) All retirees will now have access during the overnight hours.  If a retiree has a restricted membership they will be allowed to visit during the overnight hours.  A $1 fee will be assessed Monday through Thursday. Retiree members will be able to take advantage of the 24/7 hours from 7:00am on Friday through midnight on Sunday night for no additional fee.
3) Group exercise participants will be able to sign up for classes during the overnight hours, as long as the time of the class they are signing up for is within the 48-hour time period of the class being offered.
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