As a result of comments and input received from the recent member survey, the Rec Center has decided to continue the 24/7 trial through August 31. Following are some of the highlights from the survey:
Roughly 25% of the nearly 1000 members that responded to our recent survey have used our overnight hours at some point in the last four months.  Further 50% of those indicated that there is value in that service, even though half have not yet had the opportunity to use it.  The results showed mixed opinions on the option of a seasonal 24/7 service.  However, most feel that the 24/7 option, would be most valuable all year long.  Some voiced that our 16 and 17-year old members should be able to make use of the overnight hours.  Others felt that the closure of the locker rooms and showers during the overnight hours for cleaning should be shortened to just a few hours.
As we continue the “24/7 Trial”, effective March 1, 2016, we are going to allow our 16 and 17-year old members to utilize the Rec Center during the overnight hours as long as a parent or guardian is with them at ALL times.  Further, we have limited the down time of our locker rooms and showers during the overnight to only two hours for cleaning, beginning as early as 11:30 PM. All other policies are still in force, including:
  •  24/7 Access is limited to non-restricted members age 18 and older with the exception of allowing 16 and 17-year old members if they are supervised by a parent or guardian at ALL times – with signed agreement.
  •  Guests are not admitted during the 24/7 overnight hours
  •  All memberships and sales transactions must be completed  during the regular business hours.
  • Locker rooms are closed for a limited time each night for cleaning purposes.
  • For holidays we will continue to be open for abbreviated hours, with the exception of Easter and Christmas which we will be closed.
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