Please note the following class changes during the Rockwell Collins Employee Benefits Fair on Tuesday, November 3 and Wednesday, November 4.

On Tuesday, November 3, the following classes will be changed:

  • 1:35pm Silver Sneakers moved to the Fitness Classroom
  • 4:30pm RC NOW moved to the Fitness Classroom
  • 5:00pm Power Barre is cancelled
  • 5:35pm Metabolic Blast is cancelled
  • 5:35pm Zumba moved to the Fitness Classroom

On Wednesday, November 4, the following classes will be changed:

  • 6:30am RC NOW will be held 6:15-7:00am
  • 8:00am Step & Swing class cancelled
  • 8:10am SilverSneakers Classic moved to Fitness Classroom
  • 9:05am ZUMBA Gold moved to Fitness Classroom
  • 9:20am Ironworks will be held 9:55-10:30am & no Core
  • 10:00am Hoop It Up moved to Racquetball Court #1
  • 10:30am Zumba moved to Fitness Classroom
  • 11:30am RC NOW moved to Fitness Classroom
  • 11:30am Fitness Yoga class changed to 12:20-1:00pm
  • 12:20pm TABATA cancelled
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