In an ongoing effort to provide our members with a quality experience, the Rec Center is getting the basketball and racquetball court floors refinished and re-lined in August. The basketball courts will be closed from August 10 – 25.  The racquetball courts will be closed from August 17 – September 6. Most work will take place in the overnight hours of 7:00pm – 7:00am.

During the work on the courts, members can be in the general vicinity while work is being done, but we suggest that those that are pregnant or have upper respiratory issues be absent in the areas where work is in progress. We will take measures to control and contain dust particles that result from sanding.

During the project, the following classes will need to be moved to alternate locations:
For the week of Monday, August 10 – Friday, August 15:
  • RC NOW 5:30am and 6:30 am classes moved to Fitness Classroom or outside.
  • RC NOW 11:30am and 4:30 pm classes held in High Court or outside.
  • Tuesday and Thursday 5:25am IronWorks participants are invited to attend RC NOW on those two days since Ironworks and Core will be cancelled on August 11 & 13.
  • RC NOW will return to High Court on August 17 for all classes.

TRX Classes will be held outside.

Fitness Yoga on TuesdayThursday and Friday 9:20-10:20will be held on the Sports Park Field Turf from August 10-September 8.

ZUMBA Gold classes will also be held on the Sports Park Field Turf and tennis courts during the court refinishing project.

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